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Volume 12 (2014)

FDMD II - JIP 2014 - Fatigue Design & Material Defects

Paris, France, June 11–13, 2014
J.Y. Buffière, M. Brune, F. Morel and Y. Nadot (Eds.)

ISBN: 978-2-7598-1274-5

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Statement of Peer review

Session 1: Introduction (Fracture Mechanics, Castings, VHCF)

Session 2: Probabilistic Model

Session 3: Fatigue and Defects in Castings

Poster Session 4A: Fatigue and Defects

Poster Session 4B: Defect Distribution and Characterisation

Poster Session 4C: Fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth

Poster Session 4D: Fatigue Design Against Defects

Session 5: DVM/SF2M Evaluation of Constructional Manufacturing Defects with Regard to Structural Fatigue

Session 6.1: Non-Destructive Examination

Session 6.2: Surface Defects

Session 7: Fatigue Crack Growth and Thresholds at Defects I

Session 8.1: Microstructural Effect

Session 8.2: Multiaxial Stress Effect

Session 9: Fatigue Crack Growth and Thresholds at Defects II

Session 10.1: Very High Cycle Fatigue

Session 10.2: Corrosion and Welding Defects