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We have appealed to "MATEC Web of Conferences" Journal for the publication of research papers presented at the International Congress Materials & Structural Stability CMSS-2013. On this occasion, we were very agreeably surprised by the high quality of your services. Indeed, on all stages of the preparation of papers publication, we followed the degree to which you have applied the standards of ethics and scientific integrity. We have already experienced your seriousness and professionalism in the publication of the proceedings of our previous event INVACO2 in 2011. Your service has been of great value and we enjoyed the quality of this noble task. So we present to you our thanks for the excellent cooperation and please accept our best regards.

Abdeljebbar Diouri, Association ASMATEC - Faculty of Science of Rabat, Morocco
Co-editor MATEC Web of Conferences vol. 11 (2014)