Invitation to publish

Organizers of conferences, colloquia, workshops and schools on materials science, engineering and chemistry subjects are welcome to publish their proceedings in MATEC Web of Conferences.

Our team is available to answer any enquiries you may have and to advise you on any specific project. If you would like to receive a quote specific to your project, please provide information below using this form.

  • Title, date, place and conference website (URL)
  • Has the conference been run previously and if so how many times? Can you provide details/URL of the previous conference(s)? Can you provide link to the previous conference proceedings?
  • Scope of the conference
  • Guest editor(s) of the conference proceedings (name/affiliation/email)
  • Number of expected articles
  • Number of expected pages
  • Do you need printed proceedings, USB’S and/or CD’S? How many?
  • Contact person details (Name, Affiliation/Address, and E-mail)

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