Aims & scope

MATEC Web of Conferences is an open-access journal focused on the publishing of conference proceedings dealing with all fundamental and applied research aspects related to Materials science, Engineering and Chemistry.

All engineering disciplines are covered by the aims and scope of the journal: civil, naval, mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering as well as nanotechnology and metrology. The journal concerns also all materials in regard to their physical-chemical characterization, implementation, resistance in their environment… Other subdisciples of chemistry, such as analytical chemistry, petrochemistry, organic chemistry…, and even pharmacology, are also welcome.

MATEC Web of Conferences aims to increase the visibility and enhance the profile of the scientific events, as well as to highlight the work of the contributors. It provides a safe long-term open-access record of the conferences in order to make the proceedings citable and widely usable by the scientific community. Its services are fast, affordable and suitable to large international conferences as well as small workshops and meetings.

Benefits are:

  • Free online access
  • Swift publication times
  • Immediate citability by DOI
  • High visibility
  • Total flexibility in size and format of the contributions
  • Range of additional publishing options

Proceedings are published under the scientific responsibility of the conference organizers.